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New Year Video Production Special

Posted 10/12/18
Services: Video Production
Embedded thumbnail for Freedom Drone Sports - Kickstarter Teaser

Freedom Drone Sports - Kickstarter Teaser

Sector: Advertising
The Tandem team travelled to Australia to work on upcoming Kickstarter video and teasers for Freedom Drones Sports' new racing drone prototype.

Content marketing – Video production case study

Marketing products in unique, highly cost-effective ways can be challenging, and that’s why Tandem developed the 3p-Process – Plan – Produce - Publish.Take for example Kiwicare, a local...


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Re-purpose video for content marketing

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On Holiday With Social Media

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A year where content was king

It’s time to shut up shop for another year and what a year we’ve had; radio commercials, podcasts, photos, animation, videos for websites and DVDs, and of course live streaming. We’ve worked...