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Whether you’re new to Social Media management or you’re a seasoned pro, Tandem Studios can help create and manage the HUGE variety of content you’ll need! E.g. for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Blogs. We can help create your social media channel and can manage everything for you. Or with Content Training we teach you how to mange it yourself. Clients we have managed Social Media for include: Ellerslie International Flower Show, Big Boys Toys and New Zealand Parliament (InTheHouse).

To create content, we developed Tandem’s exclusive ‘3P Process’:

PLAN creative, engaging, relevant content         PRODUCE quality, repurposable content          PUBLISH, monitor & measure content

(Click here to learn more about the Tandem ‘3P Process’)

Online and Website Videos

Based in Christchurch, Tandem Studios is New Zealand’s largest producer of Online Videos including gazillions of YouTube videos (YouTube is owned by Google - ignore it at your peril)!

Maximum ROI

Tandem will always work within your budget. We can re-purpose your Social Media content for other platforms and formats. And we’re happy to show YOU how to do it - keeping your Production costs down.

Getting the most out of social media

How do I get the most out of social media? 
Posted 28/01/19
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Services: Social Media
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Social Media Facebook Videos

Client: Tandem Studios
Services: Social Media
Tandem Studios are experts at creating short, catchy videos for Facebook advertising and marketing. This is just one of a few we've made for our own business, click on the video's...