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What’s NOT to like about Live Streaming? When it comes to online event hosting and broadcasting, Tandem is the leading live streaming service provider in NZ. We can help you webcast a live stream of your important event, meeting, announcement, conference, forum or presentation live online. We can design and solution for you that meets your needs and budget. 

We’ve developed leading experience and expertise in live streaming/webcasting for the public and private sectors such as Christchurch City Council, Wellington City Council and Auckland Council. Other recent live streams include the NZHiTech Awards evening in Auckland, the TedX event in Christchurch and FMG Young Farmer of the Year

Virtual/remote live streaming solutions

Our virtual/remote solution means we can help you broadcast your event, conference or webinar from the comfort of your home or office. The COVID 19 lockdown has resulted in Tandem now offering this solution as one of our core services as it continues to be needed by our clients. It’s easy to set up, as presenters/speakers can join in from anywhere in the world.

Whether you want to run your event entirely virtually or integrate the virtual elements with your live event, we can come to you and run a stable solution. And we manage it all, from designing a long term streaming solution to the one-off single or multi-camera live stream of your meeting or live announcement.

We work with widely used software such as Zoom and other platforms that allow pay-per-view to generate income from your viewers and can offer training and pre-event testing sessions for your speakers to make sure they are presentation ready and comfortable on the day. We’re with you right from the pre-event step, helping to manage the livestream of throughout whole event.

Connect with us and bring together your online audience, clients and staff no matter where they are.


Live stream your event, conference or AGM

It's now more important than ever to live stream. With COVID-19 not slowing down any time soon, events and conferences all over the world are having to find new ways to connect with an audience that...
Posted 22/10/20