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Better access, transparency, and engagement - what’s NOT to like about Live Streaming?! Webcast a live stream of your important event, meeting or announcement, live online.

Tandem Studios has developed leading experience and expertise in Live Streaming / Webcast for the public and private sectors such as Christchurch City Council, Wellington City Council and Auckland Council (see below).

Other recent live streams include the NZHiTech Awards evening in Auckland and the TedX event in Christchurch.

We manage it all, from designing a long term streaming solution to the one-off single or multi-camera live stream of your meeting or live announcement.

Connect with us and bring together your online audience, clients and staff.


Council Inaugurations 2019

It's that time of the council term when it's out with the old and in with the new council. The local body elections have been wrapped up for a few weeks now, and this week our teams around the...
Posted 01/11/19
Categories: Live streaming