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Episode 1: Matt Kuperholz from PWC; AKA The Data Whisperer Episode 2: Miranda Bond speaks with Andy Schick the Global Director of Automation and Analytics at Xero. Scott Brinkler the Editor in...
Posted 20/08/16
Client: ADMA
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ADMA Techmix - Andy Shick - Xero

Client: ADMA
Tandem flew over to sunny Australia, and filmed the event that was formed to help marketers understand the plethora of marketing technologies now available and how they can fit together to be...
The Checklist

Content Marketing Series: #3. types of content marketing

Series: types of content marketing. Part 3Having covered what content marketing is, and the history of it, now is a good time to look at ‘types’ of content marketing.Depending on what...
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Change The World Not Everyday Life - Jo Woods

Client: MiNDFOOD
Tandem has created a number of videos for, a lot of them in a short space of time. The videos range from food, fashion and people. Tandem has travelled all over the company to...
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Tandem Studios Chats With John Phair

Sector: Marketing
Services: Online Video, Interview
John Phair is the original owner of Tandem. As part of our 40th birthday, Tandem caught up with John and talked to him about the beginnings, to give us a better insight into how far the...
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Singapore Garden Festival

Services: Interview, Online Video
Another internationally recognised flower show is the Singapore Garden Festival. This year Dan Rutherford and Kate Hillier are entering together, so we thought we'd get some interviews around...
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Fresh Ideas - Don Eigler Nanotechnology

Playlist: Fresh Ideas
Sector: Entertainment
Services: Interview, Online Video
Tandem created a series of videos called Fresh Ideas.We interviewed creative people and companies within Christchurch.In this interview Toby Ricketts talks to Don about nanotechnology and the...