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Health and Safety training and Induction videos

With the new workplace health and safety legislation now in effect, how are you managing the message to your staff? Some businesses have told us they’re finding it challenging inducting or training all of their staff because of the nature of their business

Tandem’s solution is to create unique, cost-effective induction and training videos for your business inducting everyone on your worksite under the new health and safety legislation. No matter the language everyone understands the visual medium of video.

Videos can be utilised as any easy communication tool, especially if your staff are required to carry out an induction before going on a job, or to set the standard for your business for incoming employees.

Another big feature of training and induction videos is they are very cost effective. Instead of holding and paying for the induction of each new staff member, with training and induction videos you can replay them as many times as you hire new staff.

Ngai Tahu induction video

Dave Dunlay interviews Health & Safety New Zealand expert Liz Bermingham. 

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Posted 05/10/16
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