Digital strategy - 5 steps to success


The 5-step approach to digital strategy

If a digital strategy is a means of achieving different goals, then there has to be a strategy to implement the strategy to reach the goal. Confused? Don’t be.

Digital strategist Miranda Bond takes the confusion out of that very sentence by looking at a business’s objectives and figuring out what a business is missing, and how can she get digital to deliver better on business outcomes.

Miranda has adopted a five-step process to do this:

1 - Business Requirements

What is the business trying to do, and what are they missing with digital? Also involved in this is – where they are now? This is where Miranda carries out a Digital Asset Review. She looks at all the different digital channels a business has. It might be on the web; it might be on different social channels; they may have a database and they’re sending regular newsletters. She goes into the data of all those different channels and analyses them with a fine tooth comb, figuring out what is working and what is not.

2 - Customer Discovery Piece

Miranda puts a survey together for the business’s customers and visits as many as she can and finds out: 

  • who their clients are
  • what do they want from digital
  • what social channels do they use
  • what do they do online
  • what do they need to see from the client for them to become a raving fan of their business
  • what will make them detract and not like about the company
  • what their needs are

With all these answers collated, Miranda’s clients then know exactly what kind of content they need to be producing.

She then looks at the customer journey. Miranda says, “One of the things that has happened in digital is it’s changed the whole nature of a customer journey. We’ve no longer got this linear process of watching a tv ad, or listening to a radio commercial. Now with digital a customer journey is higgledy piggeldy. We might see something online, then catch something in social media about that brand, and a bit later we search for that brand and we come back in online.” This is where she maps the customer journey and looks at what content and functionality the business needs to move that customer through each step of the journey to become a “raving fan”.

3 - Landscape and Competitors

This is where Miranda benchmarks her clients against what else is out there in the market. It’s where she looks for opportunities: what is my client not doing that they could be doing better?

4 - Creation of Strategy

This will often include recommendations most likely in terms of a business needing to add more functionality to their website, needing to change their website, or perhaps even changing their approach on a particular social channel, and creating better content. There are a whole lot of different tactics that sit under the umbrella of digital strategy.

5 - Implementation

Finally, this point involves looking at a business’s content strategy; their channel plans for social media; their contact strategy (how they need to be communicating to their customers); and finally the metrics and measurements. What does the business need to be tracking in order to optimise their performance on digital in an on-going basis?

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