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8 small ways we can help save the planet

Posted 27/02/19
Client: Tandem Studios
Categories: Social Media
Services: Social Media
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Dave Dunlay - Podcasting

Client: Tandem Studios
Sector: Education
Listen to Tandem managing director Dave Dunlay present his ideas on how to nail a podcast - the first time!
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Social Media Facebook Videos

Client: Tandem Studios
Services: Social Media
Tandem Studios are experts at creating short, catchy videos for Facebook advertising and marketing. This is just one of a few we've made for our own business, click on the video's...
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Aerial/Drone Footage

Client: Tandem Studios
Sector: Marketing
With the advent of drones in the last couple of years it has become far more accessible and cheaper to capture aerial footage. No longer is it necessary to hire helicopters and all the...
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Tandem Studios Christmas Prank! - 2014

Client: Tandem Studios
Sector: Entertainment
Last year we were so busy that we weren't able to spend a lot of time into creating our traditional christmas video. This year we made sure that didn't happen. Our only condition is that Dave...