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Tandem Studios produces creative, quality Audio, Video and Social Media content for national and international clients. Our expertise, service and solutions will ensure the experience is easy and enjoyable for YOU too! Here are the clients we work with and the work we do with them.

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What our clients say about us:


Live streaming and podcasts

"Tandem are an integral part of our business and the team have been so unbelievably helpful and accommodating in these unusual times. Brett goes out of his way to help and even trained up on a new livestream system. Deb is a character, so bubbly and helps organise all my podcasts! Tania is super organised and gets back to me so promptly on everything. Even though this is a new relationship, I am super excited to be working with Tandem on many more live stream events and podcasts."
- Janelle Fenwick, Founder

Environment Canterbury

Video Production

"Timely, effective communication and service - very happy with the result too."
- Fraser Walker-Pearce - Communications & Engagement Advisor


Conference coverage for social media

"Tandem was a really engaging interviewer and everything was coordinated well. All the interviews were edited and uploaded quickly and professionally and any corrections were done without fuss."
- Clea Hincks, General Manager Communications


Video production

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Tandem Studio's. They turned around really high quality photography and video's in a very short time frame.  They were very professional to work with and I'd highly recommend working with them."
- Kristen Wilson, Marketing Manager


Promotional video

"I’m delighted with the video and will have no hesitation working with, or recommending you guys in the future."
- Neil Edmond, Director

NZ Hi-Tech Awards

Live Streaming

"Really loved working with you and the work you did!"
- Jamie Clements, Marketing Executive

Novo Advertising Agency

Talent sourcing and voice recording for Lincoln University

"Tandem were awesome, super responsive and helpful! Huge credit to them for making everything run so smoothly from quoting to talent sourcing to scheduling our session. They were fantastic to work with and great in direction and feedback with the talent and also patient with us when putting the ads together and listening to all the various takes from the talent."
- Thomas Yee, Account Manager

FMG Young Farmer of the Year

Live Streaming

"You and your team were fantastic and captured the essence of YF amazingly!!"
- Tess Appleby, Contest Manager

Jade World

Live Streaming

"Everything was perfect - thank you. Great team :)"
- Eva Schmittgall, Marketing Campaign Manager


Live streaming

"You guys are amazing! Always ready to help and nothing is ever a problem. You make us look good :)"
- Shelly Peebles - Marketing and Communications Manager

Plant and Food Research

Live Streaming

"I appreciated your calm professionalism during the event and the way you took account of all the variables and navigated our way through."
- Phil Johnstone, Communications Strategic Advisor

New Zealand Cricket

Video production

"Tandem were great to work with. Very accommodating and professional."
- Richard Pithey, Cricket Network Manager - Coaching


Video production

"Having worked with Tandem before, really impressed with Tandem's project mgmt/communication. Loved the quality of the video with two different cameras/focuses for variety. Happy to use you again."
- Julianna Malone, Executive Services Manager