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Canterbury Business - The Lowdown - Best Bits

Posted 02/06/20
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Canterbury Business - The Lowdown - Alasdair Cassels & Muz Moeller

One of the major industries that our economy relies on is hospitality. This episode, we chat to some local business owners to see how they’ve been affected through all this. The answer is...

Canterbury Business - The Lowdown - Antony Gough & Mike Fisher

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Christchurch city centre has been through the wringer with the earthquakes and trying to get back on track during the recovery phase. We’ve made great leaps forward in the last couple of...

Canterbury Business - The Lowdown - Kamala Hayman

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One essential service that we sometimes forget about are the news media. They’re the ones who are bringing us the daily updates and keeping us informed about what’s going on. They’ve been...


A major theme in this podcast series is leadership. There's a daily challenge happening at the moment for leaders in business all over the region, the business owners, the team managers, just...

Canterbury Business: The Lowdown - Gilbert Enoka

Our national rugby team may always seem calm and collected on the field, but most of this will be down to the mental and leadership coaching of Gilbert Enoka. He’s been working with our top...