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Kiwicare No More Rodents

Posted 21/05/18
Client: Kiwicare
Categories: Film & Television
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Television viewing increases despite internet boom

Predictions the internet would kill television appear to be premature, if the figures out of the UK are anything to go by.Just as movie cinemas survived the advent of home video, TV is...

Local muso capitalises on The Lovely Bones

The story dates back five years.. When Christchurch musician Amy Bowie was involved in a songwriting competition for television, she wrote and recorded a song inspired by Alice Sebold’s book...

Finally! A film about social networking

t had to happen. Just when you thought vampires would rule the movie screens forever, along comes a film about something just as ubiquitous as vampires – social networking.The Social Network...

48HRS worth of furious filmmaking

Kineta Knight chats with Logan McMillan (Gorilla Pictures) - Christchurch's regional winner of the 48HRS Furious-Filmmaking competition with his film Death in the West. Gorilla Team Gorilla...