#Goodchat - Episode 3, Communication in Communities


The third episode of #Goodchat by 2 degrees and Tandem Studios has been released this week. 

The third episode in the series looks at how Kiwis communicate. Because although communication is second nature, we know that sometimes our nature gets in the way. 2 Degrees surveyed more than 2,000 New Zealanders to find out how Kiwis are communicating in their communities. In this episode, former mayor of Waitakere and champion of Kiwi communities Sir Bob Harvey looks to uncover how Kiwis are communicating in their communities, what’s changing and where it’s all heading.

Tandem is proud to work with 2 degrees and Mango productions on this series. From concept to delivery, we have helped bring every aspect of this series together. It was our job to bring more than thirty pages of research and numbers to life with creativity and great stories. Our concept was to review the history of communication and how this has changed and evolved throughout the stages of life. 

All three episodes of the #Goodchat series are available on the 2 Degrees website.

Stay tuned for more episodes early 2019.