#Goodchat - Communication in the workplace


Watch Vanessa Baxter give an overview of this episode here.

The second episode of #Goodchat, a podcast series by 2 Degrees and Tandem has been released this week. 

"Communication is second nature. But sometimes our nature gets in the way." This is the main message 2 Degrees is trying to get across with this new series, which unpacks the survey done from over 2,000 kiwis. In episode 1, we looked into communication and relationships and how people communicate with their loved ones and the role technology plays – good and bad. Communication psychologist Dr Anna Martin, chatted with six kiwis, each with unique and relatable stories. 

The second episode looks at communication within the workplace, how this has changed over time with the rise of technology and what the differences are between companies - large and small. In this episode Vanessa Baxter chats with Annie Bown, Head People Officer at New Zealand's biggest tech company Trade Me, Michael Pollock, Managing Director of Ricoh and Lenny Hyde, Communications Expert from AUT. Tandem is proud to work with 2 degrees and Mango productions on this series. From concept to delivery, we have helped bring every aspect of this series together. It was our job to bring more than thirty pages of research and numbers to life with creativity and great stories.  

You can view the homepage and listen to the second episode on 2 Degrees' website

The final episode, communication in communities, will be released on iTunes and Soundcloud in a few months. 

As one of New Zealand's leading producers of podcasts, Tandem was brought on board to produce this podcast series along with Mango productions in Auckland.