Creating content for a digital sales funnel - Case Study


Tandem Studios has recently finished producing a series of videos for SSBG - Scalable Sustainable Business Growth. The business, based in Auckland and Christchurch, is run by Leigh Paulden, an “internationally certified business consultant”.

He and his marketing team (Muritai Marketing) approached Tandem for a series of short videos for his website. Leigh was specifically looking for bite-sized videos as, according to his research, this content targeted his audience in the way they wanted to receive/consume content. Leigh identified to his marketing team, Eliza at Muritai, he wanted to increase his focus in helping Auckland business people. From this request, Eliza and her team then conducted some research to find out a bit more about Leigh’s goals and aims for the videos, “we wanted to better understand his brand positioning, his ideal client needs and develop a strong marketing strategy linked to his business objectives.” From the research, Eliza and her team concluded that Leigh’s ideal clients were impressed with his personalised, relevant and holistic approach to business problems. She says “his impeccable credentials had given them access to the best global business frameworks, laying the foundations for strong strategy. But more than this, it was his ability to translate these models into a relevant NZ context that made their work with him successful. And all this in his quiet and unassuming manner – removing ego from the room and bringing staff and management with him.”

Our solution was to hold one interview with Leigh and ask him key questions where the answers were of interest to his identified target markets. We found a nice location in a boardroom so the environment and setting was familiar and comfortable with our target audience, then set up two cameras and lights. Our interviewer then conducted a 40 minute interview with Leigh covering questions from his background in business, his experience and expertise, issues facing business people in today’s environment, and solutions for the identified issues.

From this interview, done in real - time to capture the energy, passion and enthusiasm of our interview subject, we created our different layers of content:

  • Full video interview
  • Podcast from the audio of the interview (podcasts were identified by the target market as a good way to consume information)
  • Transcript from the podcast which could be used for copy through social media or Leigh’s website
  • Series of photos from the interview provided as another form of content marketing for the website redevelopment & use on social media
  • The videos were then edited into the key sectors as identified by Eliza (short, sharp clips answering key questions from the target market to be used as part of the digital sales push on landing pages on Leigh’s website, through the targeted advertising of Facebook and Google. Those landing pages will have the short video interview, written information relevant to the subject matter, links within that page such as “see the full interview here”, “download the podcast and all other edited video material”, each video clearly titled around the subject matter, to make it easier to find).

Part of the optimisation for the videos and the podcasts, Search Engine Optimization, is using correct and clear titles in each video relevant to the subject matter, with tags indicating further details of the video/subject matter. This allows for ease of search within YouTube and search engines, all helping to drive traffic to the SSBG website.

Growth of the digital sales funnel

It’s getting too expensive to run the marketing sales team now, the digital sales funnel does all of the early contact points for business marketing. By the time someone gets interested in the project, you know they’re keen (they’ve read the website, watched the videos, listened to the podcasts) so we’ve already got the their contact details. By the time you contact them to pursue project, they’re more likely to sign up for a job. The digital sales funnel removes the big cost of the sales force while creating qualified leads with which to develop further business.

Part of Tandem’s offering is coming in as your content partner and helping you pull together content for your DSF.

Eliza says, “the videos have just gone live on the website. We will be starting to use the videos across a number of channels shortly and so expect results in the next few months.”


Watch all the videos for SSGB here.

You can also listen to our podcast here.

If you’d like to know more about Leigh Paulden and his business, visit the website.