Podcasting - questions to ask when you start out


Photo cred: http://www.lifestylebusinesspodcast.com/

When you start thinking about making a podcast, there's lots to consider. Use the below list of questions to get those juices flowing and start your planning properly.

  • The whats, whos and whys:
    • What is the story?
    • Who is the audience?
    • Where are they?
    • What do they want to hear?
    • What do you want to tell?
    • Where will you record?
    • Who will create the description for each episode of the podcast?
    • How often will you podcast?
    • When are you looking to start?
    • What equipment do you have and what do you need?
    • Will there be interviews in the field to be later edited and added to the podcast?
  • What's the format? You'll need to confirm:
    • Target audience
    • Style and approach: eg - fun and light or serious and in-depth etc.
    • Do you want a host?
    • How often will the episodes be released?
    • What will you name the series and each episode?
    • What’s in the intro & outros? (music, host introduction, sponsor intros etc)
    • Are there credits?
    • Is music needed for the overall episode?
    • Who will produce and manage each podcast?
    • Who supplies each show's topic, subject and guest contacts and book accordingly
    • Who sets up studio for each podcast?
    • Who will edit and post to the podcast server and RSS feeds to iTunes?

We can help!

If all of this is a little overwhelming, we can help you put it all together, and add in some extras:

  • Do you want transcripts of each podcast for use in your newsletter or website?
  • Do you want us to look for media partners to share the content with? Eg: - Fairfax or Mediaworks?
  • Will you create the podcast artwork and description?
  • Who will create the description for each episode of the podcast?