Workflow Max in the workplace


The following is a report produced by our Operations Manager, Bernard Anderson, on the project management application WorkflowMAX, and how it could benefit Tandem Studios' in our day-to-day work. 

Summary of Functionality

WorkflowMAX offers all the functionality available in other similar products (Intervals) but on trial it appears to present the user with a more accessible and cogent interface. It is a desktop application which also has an accompanying mobile app’ for off site synchronisation allowing users to input data, eg: hours worked etc. Compatible with over 30 different applications including XERO and payroll applications, it works together with your everyday systems like email options among others. It allows project management and tracking from conception to invoicing, assigning a status to projects as they proceed from a lead through pre-production, production to invoicing. These stages include: Leads, Quotes, Time tracking, Job Management, Invoicing. The application is web-based and can be accessed anytime from a PC or Smart-phone. It is accessible to clients to allow them to track progress and cost as the project proceeds through to completion. It incorporates a powerful reporting functionality with an emphasis on financial performance through all stages of each project. WorkflowMAX integrates with our current accounting software MYOB,  there are no Setup fees and all data is exportable.

Quote Function

WorkflowMAX allows for set-up of different quote templates to accommodate different income streams. Quoting and job costing allows for Task and Costs (expenses) accrual. Quotes are created in draft form allowing them to be adjusted and updated during the quoting phase. Quoting offers the flexibility of being able to include options separately from the rest of the quote, and once the quote is issued it becomes an ‘order’ which is then used for invoicing on completion of the project, Tasks and Costs. Pre-defined tasks or project specific tasks are accessible for quoting. Billing rates can be set to: Task Billable - the fixed charge out rate, or Staff Billable - the actual amount the staff are paid for the work. The application allows for multiple billing rates across the board and within individual projects. Tasks and costs can be detailed in quote.

Time Tracking

The software presents on-site and off-site options for entering hours worked into projects. Costing allows for tracking of hours at different rates.

Project Management

WorkflowMAX offers email alerts as reminders or notifications of budget limits and so on. There is real time tracking of hours and powerful reporting tools for reporting at any stage of the project's life. It allows for the assigning of a job status to projects to track their progress and allow for easier monitoring of the job status, as well as emailing from each project file to ensure all documentation is retained in one place. It also allows for the attachment of documents etc to individual projects.


Quotes become invoices, and adjustments can be made throughout the project to the original quote, costs or options added will all flow through to the invoice stage. Invoices can also be based on actuals or can be a mixture of both quoted costs and any more or other costs incurred during the project. It allows for part invoicing for project deposits or part - payments.


There are powerful reporting functions at all stages of the project life as well as financially orientated reports that are compatible with commercial reporting formats and are designed to seamlessly integrate with XERO to create a total business management package.


The cost of the application for Tandem initially would be $110.00 / month which allows for 4 -10 users. WorkflowMAX Premium is an extra $50.00 / month and includes:

●  KPI Dashboard

●  Client Relationships and groups

●  Creation of Non- WIP Jobs

●  Import invoices from Xero

●  Ad -hoc jobs Summary


On cursory examination this application appears to be a highly effective, multi-functional, adaptable management tool. It is more suitable to our requirements particularly in that it offers flexibility across the board throughout the project duration. It appears to be far better suited to Tandems requirements than the current project management app in use. The quoting procedure in particular offers the adaptability that is required in the creative industry and its integration with the on-line based accounting package, ‘Xero’ makes it an even more powerful tool.

Q. Would I recommend it to a friend? A. Definitely yes.

Viability for Tandem

If we utilise the range of functionality, ie: from quote to Invoice, it would be an ideal and future-proof application to assist us in project management and invoicing. It should replace all other manual systems employed currently to avoid unnecessary duplication and wasted time.

All-in-all I felt it was a very good business aid offering flexibility and expandability if and when required. At the basic cost of $110.00 per month it offers a large saving on our present system and is undoubtedly better suited to our requirements.

If you'd like any further information on Workflow Max, visit their website:  

Bernard Anderson. 14.3.17