CLICK TO IT: IFTTT - 'If This Then That'



Have you heard of IFTTT? Kinda like pfft, but only in the way that it has a T following an F...

It's an app aimed at making your life easier through a series of 'recipes'. When I first heard the word "recipe" I literally thought - perfect, just what I need, because goodness knows I'm an average cook on even the brightest of days.

Alas, these recipes are less food orientated and more life orientated: IF this, THEN that.

For example:

  • IF the washing machine I have my eye on goes down in price THEN email me.
  • IF a photo of me is tagged on Facebook THEN save it straight to my Dropbox.
  • IF my phone GPS is showing me getting close to home THEN Tweet the person who needs to know.
  • IF it's going to rain tomorrow THEN text me.

I'm sure you get my drift. There are a whole lot of 'recipe' ideas on the IFTTT website, or download it straight to your phone to start setting up recipes of your own.