New Health and Safety legislation: staying safe at work


With new health and safety legislation now in effect, how does your business stand up?

The new laws aim to reduce workplace injuries and deaths by 25 percent by 2025. But I guess the question is – how?

With the callback and email response rate from Workplace NZ currently standing at five days, finding out more information is proving tricky, but Tandem is on the case. We’re currently working on some videos with the experts, but until then, here are five steps you need to take now:

  • Familiarise yourself with the key concepts of the legislation – the duty holders and their duties
  • Review your health and safety practices – pay attention to the twin duties of worker engagement and participation
  • Identify health and safety risks in your business and take steps to prevent these from causing harm – consider your own work practices and your contractor management practices
  • Lead by example – demonstrate desired behaviour and stop at-risk behaviour
  • Make health and safety part of your workplace culture – make health and safety a strategic business advantage

Important questions to ask yourself:

  • Do I have a health and safety policy?
  • Have I got an up-to-date health and safety management system which complies with The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015?
  • Have I got a risk and hazard management process which will eliminate or minimise the risk of harm to workers and other persons?
  • Do I have a contractor management plan which includes a risk and hazard management process?
  • Do I know what to do if my business experiences a notifiable event?
  • Do I have processes which support my ‘twin duties’ – worker engagement and participation?
  • Do I understand the new regulations which my business must comply with?

Until Tandem's videos are ready, find out more information on the WorkSafeNZ website.

Keep in mind videos are part of your induction of workers, contractors and visitors. Here is an example of what Tandem produced for Fletchers and EQR:

The full series can be seen here. Each worker for Fletchers and EQR had to be inducted into their various work sites and had to watch these videos to do so. If not they weren't allowed on site. It's that simple and of course the big advantage with video is everyone understands the image, no matter the language and importantly it also means it's easier to induct with the watching of a video than running a new induction day for each new staff member.