Content Marketing Series: #4. The 3p Process

Content Marketing

The 3-P Process

Continuing in our series looking at content marketing, and we come to a strategy we developed at Tandem - the 3-P Process – Plan, Produce, Publish.

Marketing products in unique, highly cost-effective ways can be challenging, and that’s why this process was created.

Planning – you have to have a strategy.
Who is your audience? What do they want?
What is your point of difference?
What different types of content can you create, and how can you create them?
What’s your budget? Stick to your budget, and save money with good planning!

Produce – keeping the production smart and simple is key.
This is where you put your excellent planning to work. You can maximise content through one event (more on this in publishing).
By filming it in one go, and editing it all at once saves money – rather than filming all over town in several locations with hundreds of takes.

Publish – this is where you put your creativity to work.
From one piece of content (eg. a video), you can publish through several channels: YouTube, your website, Tandem’s website, Facebook, point-of-sale. But then from that video you could also write an article on it, make a podcast from it, send out press releases, publish photos from it, take screenshots and turn them into PDFs for handouts and booklets. Repurposing! Why spend thousands of dollars recreating different pieces of material all the time when you can repurpose from the one video you created.

This 3-P style of content marketing is super cost-effective and as more advertisers see the incredible value in this type of content creation, there will be a definite monetary move away from the traditional marketing we once knew.

To see a good example of Tandem’s 3-P Process in action, watch here.

More to come in our content marketing series:
-Success stories
-How to create great content on a regular basis: ‘I see content everywhere’

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