ITH signed for another year


The Clerk of the House of Representatives has extended Tandem’s In The House contract for another year.

This is the sixth year Tandem has been providing a video record of every session from the New Zealand Parliament - recording, reformatting and repurposing Parliament’s traditional television content and publishing it on our website

David Wilson, Clerk of the House, is pleased to be continuing a well-established working relationship with Tandem. “Since 2009, Parliament TV and Tandem have operated one of New Zealand’s first on-demand TV services through the In The House website”, says David. “Together Parliament TV and Tandem have made what happens in Parliament easily available to the public. Our relationship is an important part of Parliament TV contributing to accessibility and public engagement.”

In The House has had over 4 million views of the almost 30,000 videos in the archive, including the clip which gained global recognition with almost 185,000 views - Hon Maurice Williamson’s speech during the reading of the Marriage Amendment Bill in 2013.

Devised and created by Tandem in 2009 and managed for Parliament since its inception, the website has also recently had a major revamp. The upgrade has made it easier for everyone who is interested in parliamentary content to search for and view the videos on any internet-connected screen at a time and a place that suits them.

Tandem’s Dave Dunlay says, “Making sure your website is tablet or smartphone friendly is imperative for any business. So ensuring your website works on all platforms is a must.”

Being able to share videos from the House has become important for Members of Parliament, political parties, lobby groups and anyone interested in a certain subject or speech. In The House makes it easy for people to share content straight from the video’s page, rather than messing around with copy and paste. We’ve created a function where you can share on your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn page.

Another great tool that’s been included in the website’s revamp is the calendar. You can search a specific month or day, and watch the videos from that day at your leisure. Or if it’s a certain person, topic or keyword you’re after, the ‘search’ function narrows down the options easily.

“The feedback we’ve had about our new website design has been extremely positive and the amount of use is reflective of how people use media today, in a time-shifted fashion. They no longer have to watch live they can watch when it suits, making what happens in the House far more accessible that it’s ever been. We’re grateful the Clerk of the House sees absolute value in what we’re doing, and we’re very proud of the service offer with In The House,” Dave says.

In The House is a Tandem LaBon (Living and Breathing Online Newsletter) website that lets you create large video archives that are easy to search and share. We've also done these websites for Auckland City, CCC, Taupo District Council and just launched the website Auckland Conversations. The website allows us to live-stream every event run by the council, including podcasts and PDFs of presentations and biography of speakers.

LaBon solves one of the big issues for those in content marketing and content publishing of where do you put all of your content? We think of LaBon as the mothership where your content can sit and be easily found for years such as Auckland Conversations where each guest speaker has their profile, video of presentations, PDFs of each presentation and the podcast all available for download from the one page on the website. This has the advantage of adding years of life to a video and helps create your digital long tail of content.

“What Anderson is saying is that you don’t need to have the one big hit, with content marketing, consistence is most important because this creates your digital long tail, and In The House is a great example - with its 30,000 videos, collectively adds up to over 4 million views,” says Dave.