A picture says a thousand words

Video is today’s ‘must have’ tool for recruitment, induction and training, especially for the Canterbury rebuild.

Recruitment has become a national and international activity, particularly for jobs that require a specialised skill set and are based in more isolated locations.

It’s no longer sufficient to recruit via the local or regional papers where jobs are located. Many companies are devising sophisticated recruitment campaigns to ensure they attract the personnel they need in a competitive marketplace. For roles in places like Canterbury, the West Coast or Northland, video has become a vital recruitment tool, especially if you are recruiting from overseas.

A significant increase in the use of video to attract, induct and train staff

It’s an ideal tool for those purposes because it can be used numerous times and doesn’t deteriorate like paper-based content. Consequently it has great longevity and provides value for money.

It’s easy for video to be shared across multiple sites so that content is consistent across organisations and it’s ideal for showing work and lifestyle environments in a dynamic and engaging way. The bottom line is that people like watching videos and they retain information that is presented in that way.

It’s not only the job candidate that is a potential viewer of such videos. We know that the partners and families of the person being recruited are very influential. If they like the look of a potential work location then the applicant is much more likely to accept a job offer.

If you’re seriously considering a job change you would probably share a recruitment video with people to canvas their opinions. It’s much less likely that you’d share a print ad or a website listing.

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Video Successes

Adcorp, a full service advertising agency with expertise in designing recruitment campaigns, says that there is no doubting video’s importance as part of the mix of platforms companies use to recruit.

“Candidates do like to see video and clients that have used video for recruitment purposes have been very pleased with the results achieved,” says Adcorp’s Agency Manager Deborah Vaughan.

Ngai Tahu Tourism, which owns and operates some of Aotearoa/New Zealand’s most well known tourist attractions such as Shotover Jet and Rainbow Springs, uses a Tandem-produced video for its staff inductions to help ensure everyone who works for the company has an appreciation of the size and scope of its activities and a shared understanding of its core values. “The induction video has also been useful in other areas of its business including marketing and sales,” says Ngai Tahu Tourism’s “Providing consistently high levels of customer service grounded in the kaupapa of our company is crucial to us,” says Ngai Tahu. “Our induction videos really help us to do that.”

Value for money

Staff training videos have particularly good longevity. A well-made video can be replayed hundreds of times to different audiences and is a very cost-effective alternative to holding numerous training sessions, with the advantage that workers can take the videos on-site on a tablet or smartphone and if need be re-check whether their work practices are consistent with the training video content.

Engaging online content is a key tool for contemporary learning across all areas of our lives. This is particularly true when it comes to recruitment, induction and training. We have seen this demonstrated in both the increased volumes of video production work in those areas and the results we have achieved for clients using those videos.”

Ngai Tahu

This induction video was re-purposed for marketing internationally and for use in a conference presentation.