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One of the major changes in media over the last five years has been the online viewer wanting to watch video content when they want. This 'time shifted' viewing pattern is now consistent among every media organisation online and will only continue to grow in importance. More recently another major change has been the ability to watch that content on any device from TV to smart phone to tablet to desktop and then easily share the content through a multitude of social media. Four years ago Tandem Studios designed and developed the website InTheHouse for the New Zealand Governments Clerk of The House. Tandems original idea was to record every moment of each parliamentary sitting and then from our Christchurch studios edit the video into small bite sized videos, that are tagged with key words, such as person, topics and date. This video archive is called LaBon (Living and Breathing Online News) and means that since we launched the website and service every moment of Parliament is available online, can be easily searched and easily shared. The website now has close to 25,000 videos in its database with well over a million views.

Re-build of InTheHouse

ITH InTheHouse-skewRecently Tandem again teamed up with our website building buddy Danny Sugar from SugarCube Studios and rebuilt and relaunched the website. The video archive of InTheHouse was getting so big we needed to update the data base that manages all video search and importantly had to ensure that any viewer could easily search and view video, no matter what device they were using. (See the Press Release below) We also took the opportunity to update the design of the website. LaBon has now become a major part of our business as we've built this solution for several council around the country and other Government departments (see list below). This large type of video and content data base will become more and more common as large organisations discover the need to archive their content over many years. There's no point in generating a large amount of content for online and social media if it gets 'lost' across multiple sites over the years. The advantage of LaBon is you can easily manage, search and share the content for forever which gives greater value to what you've produced and adds to your online digital long tail. Heres the link to the most popular video on the website from The Hon Maurice Williamson

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Press Release publishing

Link to the article on on the success on live streaming (web casting) the council meetings of the Christchurch City Council

Full Press Release on the updated website InTheHouse

Parliamentary website ready for September election The website, which hosts the video record of every session from the New Zealand Parliament since 2009, has been upgraded ready for this year’s general election. Christchurch-based company Tandem Studios devised and created the website and has managed it for Parliament since its inception and says that the upgraded site will make it easy for everyone who is interested in Parliamentary content to search for it and view it on any internet-connected screen at a time and place that suits them. “The video content is edited and archived within the website and can be easily searched, found and shared,” says Tandem Studios’ Managing Director Dave Dunlay. “There have now been more than a total of three million views of the 23,000 videos in the video archive. “We are expecting a high level of interest in both the live stream of parliamentary sessions this year and in the video archive as people get ready to cast their votes later this year. It’s a great way to review how our representatives have performed during the last parliamentary term and to keep up to date with election year developments.” Tandem Studios records, re-formats and re-purposes Parliament’s traditional TV content and publishes it on the website in small segments that are easy for viewers to search for and locate using its own leading edge online media tool LaBon™ (Living and Breathing Online Newsletter). “We know that more and more people globally are watching television content online at a time that suits them and we know that will be a particularly useful and popular resource this year.”   Ends   About The website was established in 2009 and was created by Tandem Studios. Tandem Studios has been managing the site for Parliament since then under a contract with the Clerk of the House of Representatives. The archive at includes more than 23,000 individual videos organised into short, easily searchable segments. The archive includes memorable speeches such as the Hon Maurice Williamson’s speech during the reading of the Marriage Amendment Bill last year, which achieved global notoriety and has achieved more than 180,000 views. ( About Tandem Studios: Established in 1974, Tandem Studios is New Zealand’s largest producer of online video and one of Christchurch’s longest-serving and most respected creative production companies. Working in all areas of media, including radio, print, television and online, Tandem Studios has developed leading expertise in live streaming and video archives. Tandem Studios uses this understanding and its creative approach to produce content for the wide variety of media channels available and works with a broad spectrum of clients - from local and national through to multi-national and international companies. Tandem Studios manages the live streaming of all Christchurch City Council meetings and those of several other local authorities around New Zealand. For more information contact: Dave Dunlay Managing Director Tandem Studios Ph +64 3 3667281 Email dave @