Re-purpose video for content marketing


There are many different ways that you can utilise or ‘re-purpose’ video production content so that it works for you across a variety of media platforms.

Using content in a variety of ways like this makes it very cost-effective and allows you to plan a whole content marketing programme around a relatively small amount of online video content. That way a half-day or a day spent recording a video clip can turn into several months worth of content. Here are five tips that you can re-purpose your video content: 1/ Transcribe the audio (Facebook, tweets, your website blog, press release and newsletters) 2/ Grab still photos (Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, e-newsletter and your website) 3/ Post edited video clips (Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and your website) 4/ Make a ‘show reel’ to promote your business (trade shows or events) 5/ Use the video for DVDs or screening (at point of sale, a trade show, or sales presentations) You then roll this variety of content out through your various media channels according to your content plan that aligns with all marketing and communication plans. Top tip: Make a plan that identifies all the ways that you would like to use your video content before you start filming. This will help you make sure you capture exactly what you need. Here's the link to our case study on re-purposing content... 'Marketing and Developing relationships in China' If you have a question about social media or content marketing email me at dave @ Dave Dunlay, Tandem Studios