On Holiday With Social Media


Welcome back from the holidays. We hope you had a good break, relaxed, forgot about work and generally had a nice lazy time.

One question, did you use any form of social media when you were away? Alot of people did and this is one reason why many businesses have created a social media and content plan that continues to publish even when you’re sunning on the beach. – how do you keep your content fresh while you’re away? Fear not, answers are at hand. Here at Tandem Studios we use Hoot Suite a content management and analytics solution that allows us to schedule updates that roll out through our social media channels without us having to be online to make it happen. The reality is that most people who are following your social media output won’t be following you as closely or spending as long on social media during the holiday season so it’s a good idea to make your updates less frequent and more relaxed in terms of tone. Continue to follow the golden rule of keeping your audience and their context in mind when you’re planning content. Ask yourself, what will our audience be doing and let your content reflect that in your updates. You could provide tips and ideas that relate to the Christmas and holiday activities e.g. BBQ and summer food ideas. Photos will always work best during the daytime and interesting, relevant, holiday snaps are a winner. If you want to use video content then it’s best to programme that to go out either early in the morning or from 5:30pm at night – with a peak viewing time of 7:30pm. Try and avoid simply re-posting content that your audience may have already seen elsewhere. Original content is best. It might take a little more planning time but it’s your content and is likely to better reflect New Zealand and New Zealanders than content sourced from overseas. Tandem manages and creates the content for the Ellerslie International Flower Show’s and our approach is an example how to maintain interest in social media channels over the break. Their event is in late February 2014 (Feb 26 - Mar 2) and from now until the event we would typically post a new and original post daily through Facebook. When we work with Ellerslie to programme their summer content we focus on what people will be doing in their gardens at this time of year and provide tips on keeping water levels up and plants healthy. We also post short interviews with designers who will be at the next show to maintain interest in the event over the festive season. We have already sourced and scheduled photo updates and posts that will highlight key points and information about ticket sales. We have also filmed and scheduled a video series about FLONZIE (the industry body for florists) which holds a huge competition at Ellerslie held over five days. Using subtle wardrobe and location changes makes it possible to prepare all the content needed for any holiday break well in advance. Good luck with the year ahead and if you ever need to contact us for your content marketing and social media planning feel free to contact us at any time. Dave Dunlay