The testimonial: Your clients sell you for you


Word of mouth marketing has always been the number one way to effectively promote your business to new clients. It's all about trust and if someone I trust says they trust

someone then nine times out of ten I'll go with that recommendation. This is the most powerful endorsement a business could ask for. In todays marketing world of online and social media the video testimonial is the equivalent of word of mouth marketing. If you go to a website and see 'real people' offering their views and thoughts on a business or person, this helps build trust between you and that business and therefore you are more likely to go ahead with a purchase or at least contact that business. It's a classic case of existing clients selling your business or service to new clients: brilliant! On websites for years we have had written testimonials but these can be faked and are treated with some cynicism by the website audience. Video however shows real people with real thoughts and yes they can be scripted and if they are can come across as 'manufactured' and don't build the trust. Keep testimonials unscripted and look for relaxed responses that come from the heart In our just completed series of video testimonials for The Press we visited a large range of their clients, and yes they did send us to clients that liked advertising in The Press, to not do so would be foolish. We started with a broad range of questions and didn't offer guidance in their answers. What we looked for in the response was a genuine feeling and sincere reaction along with hard facts about the success or failure on their advertising in The Press. It's that genuine reaction that resonates with the viewer and they instinctively know they're not being 'sold to' or manipulated. What they are getting is genuine word of mouth marketing. The Press will use the videos through their sales presentations, visits to clients and will use them on their website and through social media. The video production was a simple two person crew where we talked with the client for 5-10 minutes and then filmed some shots of their store or business. This was then edited down to seven, 90 second testimonial's that will serve The Press for many months, gives great value and is extremely powerful as a sales and marketing tool. Here is the montage we edited together from the seven testimonial videos...