Marketing and developing relationships in China


Here is an interview we did with Jussara Bierman discussing branding in China, understanding the Chinese market and creating relationships and how to utilise and make the most of social media in China.

Jussara lives in Shanghai and runs Rare HQ a branding company. We also discussed etiquette when dealing with Chinese people, length of time to develop a relationship and understanding the contracting process. A big focus for Tandem has been helping the New Zealand education sector in marketing to the Chinese market and we asked Jussara about creating relationships with education agents and the best ways of working with them. There is also a discussion on what Chinese students and their parents look for in deciding on where to study in New Zealand. We spoke with Jussara on a lunch break when filming her hosting an Education New Zealand seminar for Christchurch based schools marketing into China. From this interveiw we have created three pieces of content... 1. The You Tube video interview 2. The 'audio only' podcast 3. A PDF we have had transcribed from the audio Using this approach we have produced three pieces of content from the one interview. This approach is about maximizing your content to match your budget and especially using content across the variety of today's mixed media. I'll discuss this approach in later blogs

Podcast: audio only

PDF of interview Jussara Bierman Marketing into China - Tandem Studios Feb'13