Connected to Social Media


Hi and thanks for visiting our Tandem blog and we hope you had a great Xmas break. As we start the new year our focus is on creating content for the huge variety of media

we use or can use today for marketing and communications. One if the big issues we see for the year ahead is maximizing the content across that variety of media. This blog will try and help guide you through those different and often confusing media and especially how to plan for that content creation. 
Social media is all about content, but that doesn’t just mean words on a screen. People expect a wide variety of content that they can engage with and respond to. Video content is often the most effective and lasting social media content. This is because video can become a part of your ‘digital long tail’ - a term for the lasting footprint that your organisation or business leaves behind it in the online environment.  People can view video content numerous times and can easily share video content with their friends or customers on their website and via many different social media channels. 

 Here are five ways that you could use video online.
1/ Promote your business 
2/ Record client testimonials 
3/ Provide an inside look at your business for customers, investors and/or employees 
4/ Provide ‘how to’ videos or presentations 
5/ Highlight particular products or services e.g. using product demonstrations
 Top tip:
Think about how video is used effectively by other businesses or organisations. Why does it work? How could apply those same tactics to your business?
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