Social Media is not just Facebook


‘Social media is not just Facebook’
 Here’s my second blog for Essence Magazine so welcome to any readers from Essence. There is no doubt that Facebook is a brilliant place to create and connect with friends

and it’s very easy to set up and run a marketing or communication plan through. However that ease of use is what sometimes leads to the wrong decision to use Facebook over and above the many other social media channels. Some of these other channels might be where your customers are and where your resources need to go; but how do you decide which social media channels to use? Step 1: Set up a sample group of your customers/clients or stakeholders and survey them on their social media usage over a one-week period, then start your social media where your clients are. The answers from your sample group will illustrate an important fact about social media – there’s more to social media than Facebook! If YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterist and the blogosphere are all foreign terms then consider the following five reasons why you should know about a range of social media formats, not just Facebook: 1/ LinkedIn is the number one pre-employment checking tool for recruitment specialists. It’s perfect for business to business contact and building relationships. 2/ YouTube’s viral functions – “share this video” and “tell a friend”. Youtube functions are automatically added at the end of each video, making each video simple to share. Video will also have a long life and gain viewers over that life. Good informative or interesting video can be viewed for several years and clock up numerous views. 3/ Pinterest is a social discovery network, but it’s not a platform for self-promotion. Rather than broadcasting what the company is doing, small business owners can ‘crowdsource’ and create highly visual pinboards for inspiration. Pinterest is about sharing your passions and knowledge using visuals. 4/ Twitter is a great platform for projecting what your company is doing and accessing a large audience. It’s easy and can be done from anywhere at any time and is a great ‘real time’ news update. 5/ The right combination of social media, advertising and a marketing plan can truly take your brand to the next level. Step 2:
 Google your business or organisation and look at which social media platforms pop up first in your results. Is this the first impression you want to give? Social Media is not “sell, sell, sell’ - well it is, but has to be done in a much more subtle way. If you had a friend and every time you met all they did was sell to you, you’d quickly drop that friend. If however that friend shared stories, gave great advice and gave you a chance to win something you would then be ok about the odd bit of selling. Social media is about give and take and importantly, and at the cost of repeating myself, it’s not just Facebook.
 As in all things marketing go where your customers are and talk and communicate in that language. So that means video on You Tube, podcasts on I-tunes, images on Pinterest, photos on Flickr and knowledge and credibility on LinkedIn - and yes it might be Facebook but you won’t know until you ask. If you have a question about social media email me at