Video is a 'must have' for todays website and social media


Video is a website “must have” according to global report Video is the “must have” for business websites according to Ooyala’s Global Video Index Report

( for the second quarter of this year. Research shows that you’ve got 8-10 seconds to grab someone’s attention with the written word but people around the world expect video content and spend longer on your website if there is video content on offer. Ooyala was set up in 2007 and is now one of the world’s leading providers of online video hosting and streaming reaching nearly 200 million unique viewers and delivering more than one billion videos each month on behalf of more than 1000 customers in more than 30 countries. One of Ooyala’s co-founders was Sean Knapp (the guy who developed and launched iGoogle) and the other Bismarck Lepe was a senior product manager for Google. In Q2 Ooyala measured the viewing habits of nearly 200 million unique viewers in more than 130 countries with their data clearly showing that people are spending more time watching premium, long-form content on tablets, PCs, mobile devices and connected TVs and gaming consoles. Here are some interesting snippets:

  • In Great Britain 15% of the total time spent watching online video occurs on mobile phones and tablets
  • 11% of the total time spent watching online video in China occurs on tablets and smart phones
  • The share of time that viewers spent watching long-form video (i.e. tv shows and movies) on tablets grew 47% in a single quarter
  • The USA was in the middle of the group of top 21 countries for tablet and mobile viewership with Great Britain clearly in the lead when it comes to viewing content on tablets
  • Japan clocked up more than three times the percentage of views on mobile compared to China

Live video viewing taking off Live video viewing is taking off, especially on tablets and phones, according to Ooyala – but they stress how important it is to know the viewing habits in the market you’re trying to deliver content to. Viewing content on your mobile is huge in Japan, for example, but if you’re operating in the USA it pays to break it down into target states as individual states have vastly different viewing habits – give Massachusetts a go – they’re really into to watching online content there it seems! Have you just wasted two minutes of my life? In NZ there is no doubt that since the rise and rise of YouTube and the growth of the Smartphone and tablets people are looking for video anywhere, anytime. Video is ‘expected’ and it’s got to be delivered in the format that matches the device that people are viewing it on. For those in marketing, communications, sales or advertising, video is a “must have” for your strategies and will only continue to grow. There’s an analogy we like here at Tandem. The written word was king until the late 1930s when radio became the dominant form. That was until TV took over in the late 1950s. When the internet started written files were dominant, then audio took off. Now video is in pole position. The difference between TV and the internet though is you don’t need a TV station to get your video out into the world. The web is your delivery channel. Some of the tried and true programming ‘rules’ still apply if you want to build an online audience. You still need to engage, connect with and inform your online audience and be consistent and regular with your online programming. But you can’t just push video content out that suits you. It’s all about what suits your viewer. You have to be able to stand up to the question “Have you just wasted two minutes of my life?”