Live streaming The Christchurch Royal Commission for over 500 hours


This week the Royal Commissioninto the Canterbury Earthquakes began their final sessions with Tandem Studios having live streamed via the internet (web streaming) every moment since the inquiry began in September of 2011.

Today September 4 2012 is the 2nd anniversary of the big 7.1 earthquake the first of over 10,000 quakes and after shocks. The Royal Commission tasked with looking at why buildings collapsed which led to the deaths of many has also resumed this week after a break of a fortnight. Tandem Studios manages the Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission’s online streaming and the hearings video library. Tandem’s Managing Director Dave Dunlay said that people from 118 countries have accounted for 67,749 views so far from the library with nearly two terabytes of data having been used in live online streaming of the Commission hearings since they began in October of last year. “This is the biggest and longest live broadcast and streaming ever undertaken in New Zealand with more than 500 hours streamed so far,” said Dunlay. “Tandem records the entire live stream then edits the video into smaller lengths for ease of search and sharing. There are now just under 1700 videos linked to many of the more than 1000 documents published by the Commission on its website.” Viewers of the online video are from a wide range of countries including the United States, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Canada and Thailand, with the majority of views of the hearing live online streaming coming from around New Zealand. Viewers are watching the content in a number of different ways such as on their mobile devices or using an embedded player on other websites. The data that Tandem Studios has gathered has reinforced its view that there is a strong demand for content delivered online in this way, said Dunlay. “This type of online content allows informed public participation in key public processes, it maintains transparency, and it allows us to use the technology that we now have at our disposal to empower New Zealanders and those in other parts of the world to engage with us in key events and in issues being faced in this country.” Tandem Studios also recently renewed its contract to deliver Parliamentary content for the House of Representatives using its own leading edge online media tool LaBon™ (Living and Breathing Online Newsletter). Since beginning its work with the Clerk of the House of Representatives in 2009, Tandem Studios has created a content-based solution for the website that combines Parliament TV with LaBon™. Tandem Studios has created more than 13,500 videos for the House of Representatives over the past three years, resulting in more than 650,000 individual views to date. Finally here is a video we produced just after those quakes two years ago today. We've come along way since...