Top five Social Media trends of 2012


Recently I caught a presentation by Randi Zuckerberg at a social media conference in Auckland where Randi spoke on, well Facebook and social media.

An interesting women involved in Facebook in the early days as head of their marketing. Randi has also worked on several election campaigns including presidential elections and was asked the question 'have you any tips or suggestions on promoting candidates during an election campaign'? Here is the link to a podcast of her response... Randi also gave us her top five social media trends for 2012... Top social media trends of 2012 1.Luxury living without luxury spending (Sharing economy , Task Rabbit - personal assistant, Renttherunway - rent a $2000 gown and send it back) 2.Creating the loyalty programs of the future based around emotion (Gilt Groupe - making your fans famous or special / make them your profile photo/ people uploading or fan photos) 3.Video and live streaming (Interact with crowd. Create digital online content. Press conferences or announcements are held. Live streaming global announcements with video and social = people stay on site twice as long if it has engaging video) 4.Mobile First (People designing a business for the mobile market and mobile only. Developing experiences just for mobile) 5.People as curators (Become an expert by aggregating what you see on line. Collect content and show it - one stop shop. Donna Zuckerberg has Pinterest recipes)