Six months back in the studios


[bra_dropcaps style='dropcap1']M[/bra_dropcaps]id January this year we finally moved back into our studios on Oxford Tce in Christchurch City.

It had been nearly a year since the earthquake of February 22 forced us out into temporary facilities. It's great to be back with all the gear and have all the team in one location! We've all got big smiles on our faces. All around us buildings are coming down but amazingly our studios have received only 0-2% damage from the 1000's of quakes we have had since September 4 back in 2010. For many who haven't seen the inner city area for a while the devastation is shocking, we see it everyday and have a different attitude, which is one of possibilities and excitement for the future. Christchurch and all of it's people have been through some tough times and will face many issues as we re-build but more and more we are hearing from those who see the great possibilities of our city as we slowly grow again from the rubble. At Tandem we are very positive about the future and am looking forward to being a part of the re-build. Since moving back into the studios we have created a lot of different media for this crazy mixed media world we live in,  so please indulge us for a few moments and view the showreel of what we've been up since coming home. If you a fan of kiwi music Camo MC has just started his podcast called NZBassCast. Tandem has provided the facilities, gear and advise on the world of podcast. Here is episode 1...