Funny thing happened on the way to Parliament


On my way to Wellington recently to renew Tandem's contract with the Office of the Clerk of the House for our website,

I realised that Tandem is now one of the leading producers of online audio and video in New Zealand. Tandem has been producing content for a long time. You Tube started in March 2005 and we uploaded our first video to You Tube by August of that year. The following month Tandem created a world first with our Podcast coverage of the 2005 election campaign which featured in depth interviews with each political leader of the day. What an incredible ride it's been! In 2005 the biggest issue with online audio and video was internet speed, with quality of video willingly compromised just to get those moving images online. Today quality matters with many viewers wanting high definition video. One thing that hasn't changed is the need for great story telling, and to present content on viewers terms. The latest challenge we face is creating a content plan and a library of content that allows easy search, share and cross linking to help find 'what you want, when you want it, on any device you choose'. In other words – publishing your content across today's mixed media world such as social media, podcasts, websites, blogs, tablets and smart phones, DVDs and sales presentations. Therefore any content you produce has to be repurposed across one or all of your media channels with some requiring different formats and different story telling techniques. One rule which hasn't changed over the years is the 'shovel' rule. An example being a television commercial you've produced and then 'shoveled'  into your website. It has never worked and will never work: wrong media, wrong message, wrong story telling and from the web viewers point of view a complete waste of space and their time. Since 2005 Tandem has developed a 3P approach; planning, production and publishing. Those 3P's mean we plan the content; produce it to meet budget and connect with a target audience; then importantly publish it in the correct format and start creating a library of content that can be found, viewed and shared for years to come. This is what is referred to by former Wired editor Chris Anderson back in late 2004 as the 'Digital Long Tail'. (http:// This long tail of content has always been our approach with Parliament's and at the time of writing the website has 11,292 videos with over 510,514 total views. The publication side of content is the hardest to do. Building the library of video that can be easily found and shared for years to come does take commitment and thought, but the success of and it's long tail of content shows the importance and popularity of a library that presents content that's easily found and on the viewers terms. This approach has also been used for Tandem’s coverage of the Royal Commission into the Canterbury Earthquakes, which now has 1,021 videos and 30,616 views of the videos. Other clients we produce and host video for include the Taupo District Council and the Ellerslie International Flower Show and combining those with our other Tandem clients such as NZ Pork, Deloitte and the Christchurch City Council means collectively we have produced over 14,000 videos since those early days of wonder back in 2005. Combined, those videos have received over six hundred thousand views. We may be wrong, but we think this massive production of content means Tandem is the one of the biggest producer of online audio and video in New Zealand. Our prediction for the future is content is king. This means a central content library where all content can be found easily, will be the biggest challenge facing those in marketing, communications, sales and advertising. The library will also create that long tail of content that gives greater value for investment over future years. Our solution to this issue is the creation of our LaBon (TM) website which is a 'living and breathing online newsletter' that can be quickly updated with an easily searched archive. We've used LaBon for all the above content rich websites. To see and read more about LaBon click here. Finally one of the great jobs recently in Christchurch, was our online coverage of the Ellerslie International Flower Show using video, web streaming, podcasts, social media and photos. Heres the video of some of the best bits...