Its been a mad year


The past 12 months have been some of the maddest, craziest days we’ve ever experienced. We’ve had earthquakes, world wide recession, World Cups, cup of tea elections, staff leaving, new staff arriving,

studio moves and the unparalleled support of so many people that have helped in so many ways. One huge positive from the year has been the faith in Tandem of you and your business. So to our clients, voice actors and suppliers we thank you sincerely for all of your support and encouragement, the year would have been nothing without you. As we head into the new year we want you to know that Tandem is feeling very positive about our move back to our Oxford Terrace studios in January 2012, and about the opportunities of our up coming projects; but more about that later. Please enjoy our Christmas video (from our temporary studios) and we hope that you have a happy Christmas and that 2012 will bring you peace, health and happiness. See you in the New Year:)