Event Coverage. 'Share an Idea' wins international award


Tandem Studios is very proud to have been apart of the ‘Share an Idea’ campaign that recently won the ”unanimous overall winner” of this years Co-creation Award.

The international award celebrate the most original and successful co-creation initiatives. 2011 is the first time the Netherlands based Co-creation association has given the award to an initiative outside Europe. Share an idea was the Christchurch City Council solution for the community to become involved with sharing of ideas for the redevelopment of the Central City following the Earthquakes of 2010 and 2011. Tandems involvement was across multiple media:

    • 1. Radio commercials which involved our team hitting the streets and recording citizens thoughts an ideas and producing a series of 30 second commercials which ran across the the two months of the campaign.

2. Filming the Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker for a DVD to welcome visitors at each roadshow. 3. Set up the Share an Idea You Tube channel. 4. Created a You Tube Booth at the biggest roadshow, filming peoples ideas and uploading within 15 minutes for playback on in house monitors, You Tube and the Share an Idea website. 5. Editing and posting online the video of roadshow guest speakers. 6. Converting 15 minute Power point presentation to DVD and and posting online (Draft City Plan), adding voice over, music and graphics. 7. Editing You Tube ideas from the youngest contributors into a viral video which was eventually placed onto the front page of the NZ Herald website. Tandem adds our congratulations to all of those people who successfully brought the ‘Share an Idea’ campaign to life and to those many citizens of Christchurch who gave their ideas to the future of our city.