Tandem designed website up for an award


Tandem Studios is passing on our best wishes to Taupo District Council who has made the finals in the Excellence in Innovation Award. The awards are being held on Monday November 22 at the annual conference of the Association of Local Government Information Management. Tandem Studios designed and manage the council’s website which is up for the award - taupo.yourcouncil.co.nz. The solution we've designed - with the help of the team at e-cast , who look after the streaming, and Egressive, who built the site using open-source Drupal software, allows for live streaming of the council meetings and other committee meetings, then recording and uploading the video recordings of those meetings into an online archive. Each video is edited into smaller 'bite-sized' lengths that allows the viewer to choose which video to watch that's relevant to them without having to replay the entire meeting. The Your Council site is based on the Tandem LABON (TM) (Living And Breathing Online News) design that brings today's new media of live streaming, online video, audio, blogs and social media into one site that importantly can be updated and changed by the council staff as and when they need to. Another advantage of Your Council is it's a very cost-effective way to communicate in today's media world that allows the online audience to watch the council meeting on video when, where and how they want and if need be to share through their own social media channels. The Your Council LABON design is also being used for the website inthehouse.co.nz which Tandem Studios designed and manages for the Clerk of the House, with this site being the online video archive of every moment from the debating chamber in the New Zealand Parliament. At the awards, the Taupo District Council will also be giving a presentation on the Your Council streaming and video-on-demand solution so this should be seen by just about everyone who works in IT for all of the councils around New Zealand. Good luck to Taupo DC for November 22!