Tandem insight: Voice Agency


Tandem’s voice agency is the largest in the South Island. This rich resource for clients sees Tandem offer voices for TV and radio commercials, DVDs and online videos.

The wide range of New Zealand and international voices are used by clients who market internationally into China, Japan, Australia, USA and Europe. Recently, Tandem was selected to provide the voice for the Flight of the Conchords radio commercials throughout the USA to promote their current tour. The voice was recorded at Tandem Studios and sent to the band’s agents in Los Angeles.

Choosing the right voice:

At Tandem we also run a unique educational course. It’s called The Voice School and we train aspiring voice-over artists in how to use their voice correctly and how to go about finding work in the industry. This course is also valuable for broadcasters and presenters in general. More info can be found on our sub site voiceschool.co.nz

Here’s a snippet from the last course we ran:

Tandem are experts when it comes to providing voice recordings. With over 90 voices in our agency, we have a voice for every need, and world class recording facilities to record, mix and master your production. Check out a full list of our voices here.

To enquire about being listed in our voice agency email us a MP3 sample of some of your work.