Hadlow takes creativity into his workplace


Mark Hadlow’s one of New Zealand’s most recognisable faces and voices, and he’s been ruling the stage, radio airwaves, and the big and small screen for years now.

 If that wasn’t enough, he also runs one of Christchurch’s most creative teams.

If you’ve ever wondered who one of the creative geniuses behind the TV2 Kidsfest is, well, Mark’s your man. We’re lucky enough to have him running our city council’s events team. The Kidsfest is on in the city right now and he says it’s the most successful ones they’ve ever run. He says kids are turning up in their droves to have fun these school holidays.

The great thing about him is that not only does he hold down this day job, but he keeps his finger in all the creative pies. He recently won a radio award for his highly characterised voice, he’s starting rehearsal for a professional Court Theatre production shortly, and, what’s more, he’s gearing himself up to shoot a film next month.

Let us say no more, and check out what he has to say as part of our Fresh Ideas: