CHART: more than just music


The Christchurch Music Industry Trust, or perhaps more known as CHART, is an industry representative body for contemporary popular music in Christchurch. But its appeal is much broader than that. CHART's very active website - - which had almost 40,000 visits during May music month alone, lists articles of multi-media interest, has reviews, lists job opportunities, and of course has an extensive gig guide. Jeff Fulton is the full-time manager of CHART and has a dedicated Board made up of passionate local music advocates with extensive industry experience. CHART also acts as a support and advice network for the Christchurch music industry. CHART hosts regular professional development events, live music showcases, seminars and workshops and manages - Christchurch's number 1 music web portal which promotes the Christchurch music industry and showcases the city’s vibrant music scene. At last month's CHARTFEST, Tandem worked with CHART during the festival and offered the winner of the best up-and-coming local band competition a recording session. Here's an interview with Jeff Fulton as part of our Fresh Ideas section: Binary Data