A new way of shooting: Canon 7D


A big part of the digital revolution over the last five years has been in digital cameras used for producing content. Once a high-end camera used for TVCs

(television commercials) or documentaries would've cost many thousands of dollars. Now, for just a few thousand dollars, you can buy a quality camera that shoots in HD (High Definition) and captures superb image quality with low noise and natural colour. The Canon EOS 7D is one such camera that fits this description and is now being used worldwide for music videos, TV commercials and even in the production of TV shows and cinema. A local film maker - Logan McMillan from Gorilla Productions - has been using the Canon 7D for the last 18 months and most recently won the V48HR Furious Filmmaking competition for the best cinematography for New Zealand. Logan has used the 7D and worked with Tandem on numerous projects including the documentary he filmed and co-directed last year with Tandem's Dave Dunlay - Ake Ake Kia Kaha, Citizen Soldier (the excerpt from that documentary is below). Logan is again working on another documentary with the team here at Tandem and it was while on location that Dave got this short interview with Logan about the joys of the Canon 7D: Binary Data Here's a piece from last years Citizen Soldier Documentary: