A new form of journalism


The idea of journalism is being taken to a whole new level on the internet with the introduction of NewsTilt.

Much like blogging, it's a service for journalists to build an online brand by engaging its readership through interacting directly with the readers, answering their questions, and consulting with them on story ideas. NewsLabs is hoping that through this interaction the journalists will build a strong reader-focussed online brand for themselves. It will include established journalists from around the world who will write and report directly for their various communities of online readers. This is not the first time journalists have used the internet community in this way. The Huffington Post and TechCrunch are already established in this form and have built great readership communities around individual journalists' brands. The future of news is looking more and more like it will be based around the journalist and their community, with the journalist being the brand and their community having more say in what they write and whether or not they like it. NewsTilt brings journalists and readers together at www.newstilt.com from today.