Case Study: Richard Dawkins podcast


Tandem Studios was proud to collaborate with the Christchurch Press recently to bring you Richard Dawkins' lecture held recently at the town hall.

Richard Dawkins is one of the worlds most promenent evolutionary biologists and atheists, and in promoting his latest book 'The Greatest Show On Earth' gave a 2 hour talk at the Christchurch Town Hall. Podcasting is the perfect vehicle for distributing this kind of long-form content, and we've used it sucessfully to promote lectures, talks, and presentations in a variety of situations. If you do not record events like these, then they are lost forever. It is so easy to capture this content and make it available forever so that it has a much larger effect over a longer time. Click below to have a listen to the first episode of Richard Dawkins at Christchurch Town Hall:


Click here to subscribe to the entire free podcast. And here's the video! Binary Data