Some of the more epic audio productions...


In filling out the blurb for our radio production bit on this website, I was reminded of all the cool jobs we’ve had fun with over the years. So I thought I’d share them with the group!


HCA / CRFU Crusaders campaign 2008 -  We work closely with Harvey Cameron, a large advertising agency in Christchurch, and we also have an incredibly good rugby team who play in the Super 14 called the Crusaders. In 2008 we helped them create an epic soundscape to promote games in the upcoming season. This radio ad used about 48 audio tracks and we came up with some very novel and interesting ways of creating and using sound in this super-sized ad campaign!


with many more for each game of the season.


Eardrum productions for The Radio Bureau 2008 - These ads were written by the creative genius and founder of Eardrum, Ralph Van Dijk. Eardrum is an international radio creative agency specialising in quirky and often hilarious radio ads that really stand out. While these ads sound deceptively simple the challenge was to make them sound as if they’d been recorded on location – whether that be in a car, outside in a park, in a pharmacy, whatever, and to get funny and realistic performances from the voice talent.



and many others in the series…


Natcoll upbeat radio ads -  We also work with Q Brand Agency who, in 2008, were working with Natcoll to re-brand the education institution with funky graphics, energetic TV commercials and these upbeat radio ads. They had to sound like actual students working on actual projects, so we used effects and sound effects to put the voices right there.



Well I hope you’ve enjoyed some excerpts from our creative past. If you want to listen to more, hey, why not drop us a line? I’m sure there’s something we can do together!

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