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World Leaders In Podcasts

Tandem Studios was an early-adopter of Podcasting in New Zealand. We’ve produced hundreds of Podcasts for organisations in Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington and throughout NZ, creating a world-first by producing the ’2005 NZ Election Series’ - the first time an Election used the ‘new media’ of Podcasting in its media mix!

We proudly worked with Fairfax Media to produce the award winning podcast, Black Hands, an investigation into the David Bain case. The series has over 3 million downloads and was the number one podcast in New Zealand, Australia and the UK.

Podcast Content Plan

Tandem will help you create a Podcasting Content Plan. Consistently high-quality Podcasts and regular, engaging content will help you reach your target market and build your audience. Tandem can also use Skype or Google+ to create Podcast interviews with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

We've been working with Dr Albert De Decker from IUGA for the last year on producing an affordable podcast solution. He records each episode via Skype and sends us the raw files. Our team then edits each episode together closely following his edit notes, before delivering the final full episode back to Dr De Decker for uploading onto the IUGA website.

Contact us today for a consulation on the best podcast solution for you. 

#Goodchat nominated for 2019 PRINZ awards

A podcast series recently produced by Tandem Studios has been nominated as a finalist in the 2019 PRINZ awards. As one of New Zealand's leading producers of podcasts, Tandem was brought on board to...
Posted 22/05/19

#Goodchat - Communication in the workplace

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Watch Vanessa Baxter give an overview of this episode here.The second episode of #Goodchat, a podcast series by 2 Degrees and Tandem has been released this week. "Communication is second...


Client: 2 Degrees
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The latest campaign by 2 Degrees has lead to the release of their new three-part podcast series #Goodchat. As one of New Zealand's leading producers of podcasts, Tandem was brought on...

#Goodchat - A new podcast series by 2 Degrees & Tandem

Services: Podcasting
The latest campaign by 2 Degrees continues this week, with the release of episode one in their new three-part podcast series #Goodchat. As one of New Zealand's leading producers of podcasts,...

Air Future - A multi-purpose content solution

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Air Future is a company working on renewable energy solutions, right here in NZ. Their signature product, the Airpod, is an electric car running on compressed air.  Tandem first...

Air Future - Full podcast

Client: Air Future
Playlist: Air Future
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Here's the podcast featuring the full interview with Air Future CEO John Mennega.

Podcasting - questions to ask when you start out

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Photo cred: you start thinking about making a podcast, there's lots to consider. Use the below list of questions to get those juices flowing...