Services: Online Video

Sight, sound and motion - a powerful combination! Online Video is a must-have for effective content marketing. Online Videos increase engagement and sales - over 70% of people push Play on website videos.

Full Video Production

Tandem Studios can manage the entire Production process - from creative, filming, editing, publication… to hosting, if needed. And always within your budget. We also produce professional, polished 2D and 3D Animated Videos.

Tandem has a separate Video Production suite with Green Screen - a versatile creative space, which can also be used for Photography Shoots.

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Social media can get your message to thousands

Social media to thousands Imagine having a venue fit for just forty people but having a message that is fit for thousands.Utilising social media for communication is your answer. It’s where you can...
Posted: 02/05/17
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Financial Services Council - Lisa's Story

Services: Online Video
Tandem worked with FSC to tell the stories of people who had been effected by series illnesses and how life insurance had helped them through their tough times. Tandem went to different...
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Pegasus Town - Win a home

Sector: Marketing
Pegasus Town ran a competition to give away a house. Tandem produced multiple videos for the campaign including a time-lapse of people entering and this video that captures the winners...
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Rangitoto College 2016

Sector: Education, Marketing
Tandem worked with Rangitoto college to produce a video that reflected the values and personality of the school. Tandem produced the project through with the final product including 11...
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AgResearch, Farm Systems and Environment Recruitment Campaign

Client: AgResearch
Tandem worked with AgResearch to produce a video for a specific role as part of their farm systems and environment recruitment campaign. 
John Campbell

Media picks up Radio New Zealand's ad blunder

Article taken from out Tandems original blog that the below article was picked up from.Radio New Zealand's ad blunder for John Campbell's showAn advertising campaign for...

RNZ’s Radio with Pictures™ blunder

RNZ’s Radio with Pictures™ blunderA slight dampener has been put on Radio New Zealand’s first brand campaign in years as they were unwittingly using a Tandem trademark – Radio with Pictures™....