Services: Audio Post Production

Tandem Studios offers complete Post Production Audio for your DVD, TV commercial and online video including recording voice overs to sound design, foley, editing and mixing. Tandem have mixed audio for Movies (Last Of The Living) numerous documentaries and television commercials and 100′s of online video and we believe that great sounding audio is crucial to the overall experience and enjoyment of the finished video.

Burnside High School

Tandem and Burnside High School worked together to produce a day in the life styled video following two german students on music scholarships. The video placed a heavy focus on the music department...
Posted 21/06/16
Categories: Education
Sector: Education, Marketing

Good audio really does matter

Good picture + bad audio = bad videoAsk any cameraman what the most important part of a great production video is and they will tell you it’s the shot. This isn’t always the case. Audio is...