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Engaging, relevant content for internal and external Communications; from video and audio, full Media Packs… to photos and social media posts. E.g. News conference video, interviews with key staff, podcasts, live streaming company announcements.

Fair Trading February 2017

Posted 15/12/17
Client: Lane Neave
Playlist: Lane neave
Embedded thumbnail for Arvida - Park Lane Retirement Village Opening

Arvida - Park Lane Retirement Village Opening

Client: Arvida
Services: Online Video
The PR Shop approached us in early 2017 to get a highlights video filmed for the launch of one of their clients new developments: the Park Lane village by the Arvida group.The brief was...
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Kiwcare TV Commercials 2

Client: Kiwicare
Sector: Communications
Services: TV Commercials
This year, Tandem Studios continued to provide more video content for our long time partner, Kiwicare.Part of this project was TV commercials, aired in the slots just before the weather on...
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Let Her Play

Client: CRFU
Playlist: Let Her Play
Tandem Studios has been working this year with the CRFU (Canterbury Rugby Football Union) to promote and encourage participation in the sport for young men and women.A series...
Embedded thumbnail for On The Land - A weekly farming show for TV and Digital

On The Land - A weekly farming show for TV and Digital

Client: On The Land
Sector: Communications
This is our 2017 sales video for our very own farming television show, On The Land.