Rob Cope-Williams

On The Land Presenter

Rob is an icon in the rural scene. For more than 20 years he was the face of Rob’s Country informing people living in the city and the towns around our region about what was happening in the rural sector.

Believing that the future of accessing information is across multiple channels at a time that suits the viewer, Rob joined up with leading online content producer Tandem Studios and On The Land was born.

Rob says that over the past few years farmers have told him they want 24/7 access to news and information.

“Many farmers have told me how they want to view information is changing. They want to able to source content on smart phones, tablets or their computers when they have time, and they want it to be short and sharp. They may not have time to watch a 60 minute show, but rather focus on segments that are of interest to them,” says Rob.

This is where On The Land comes in to play – our content can be viewed anytime, anywhere from any screen.