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Air Future Overview Promo

Tandem first worked with Air Future in mid 2018 to produce video content for their upcoming fundraising campaign. Our multi-purpose content solution gave them several options to engage with their...
Posted 10/07/18
Client: Air Future
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Intro to MoneyTime

Client: Moneytime
Sector: Marketing, Sales
Services: YouTube videos
Moneytime approached Tandem in July 2018 to talk about how to update their introductory and promotional video. MoneyTime is a software programme for school children, designed to teach them...

The word is spreading and that word is Webcast!

We’re thrilled to announce that Tandem Studios will be providing live webcasting and a video archive of Auckland Council meetings from 5 February.This adds the Auckland Council to a growing...
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Tandem Studios Christmas Prank! - 2014

Client: Tandem Studios
Sector: Entertainment
Last year we were so busy that we weren't able to spend a lot of time into creating our traditional christmas video. This year we made sure that didn't happen. Our only condition is that Dave...
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Kaikorai Valley College (Education)

Sector: Marketing, Sales
Services: Online Video
The Tandem crew travelled down to Dunedin to work with the students and teachers to create a video that could be used as marketing tool to showcase the college and attract international...

Online video and content marketing

Recently we spoke with Geoff Brash and talked about the extensive use of content marketing to promote their business and software SLI Systems. Geoff is currently Vice President of Business...

Online Video and how to re-purpose for content marketing

Online video and how to re-purpose content across a variety of media channels. There are many different ways that you can utilise or ‘re-purpose’ video content so that it works for you across...