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COMMA Podcast: Is Email Dead?

  COMMA Podcast: Is Email Dead? This week on COMMA Podcast we meet a powerhouse of a man! Alex Berman (...
Posted: 24/05/16
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COMMA Podcast: Google Adwords Campaigns

COMMA Podcast: Google Adwords CampaignsThis week on the COMMA podcast we spoke with Chris Mole ( communicator, web designer and Google Adwords consultant.[[{"fid":"1409","...

Comma Podcast: StyleInc Blog

Comma Podcast: StyleInc BlogOn the Comma Podcast this week we spoke with Anna White - who’s the owner of the successful blog styleinc. ( Style Inc is a fashion and style...
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Comma Podcast: What is Digital Strategy

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Comma Podcast: digital strategyDigital strategy, what is it and how do we tailor it to make it relevant to each business. In this week’s Comma Podcast we spoke to digital strategist Miranda...
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Comma Podcast: Magazines in a digital age

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Comma Podcast: magazines in a digital ageIn this exciting digital age having a wide range of media choices such as television on demand, news and information content at your fingertips, and...
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Content Marketing Series: #4. The 3p Process

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The 3-P ProcessContinuing in our series looking at content marketing, and we come to a strategy we developed at Tandem - the 3-P Process – Plan, Produce, Publish.Marketing products in unique...
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Content Marketing Series: #2. The history of content marketing

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The history of content marketingIf you think of content marketing as corporate storytelling, then it’s easy to see how far back it goes.Looking back at the first blog in this series, where we...